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2nd Joint Quantum Symposium

April 18 - 19, 2019

Columbia University

Davis Auditorium

quantum systems • quantum materials

quantum simulation • quantum computation

universities • national labs • industry

Registration required!

$15 - includes lunch and refreshments

Registration open until April 14


  • Thomas Alexander (IBM Q)

  • Waseem Bakr (Princeton)

  • Nick Bronn (IBM Q)

  • Jennifer Cano (Stony Brook)

  • Giuseppe Carleo (Flatiron Institute)

  • Jerry Chow (IBM Q)

  • Michel Devoret (Yale)

  • Dirk Englund (MIT)

  • Eden Figueroa (Stony Brook)

  • Alexander Gaeta (Columbia)

  • Misha Lukin (Harvard)

  • Tom Marshall (Bloomberg)

  • Aditi Mitra (NYU)

  • Jason Petta (Princeton)

  • John Prisco (Quantum Xchange)

  • Charles Tahan (LPS)

  • Tanya Zelevinsky (Columbia)


Day 1 (Thursday, April 18)​

8:00 AM          Registration

9:00 AM          Opening Remarks

9:05 AM          Opening Address by Peter de Menocal                             (Columbia Dean of Science)

9:15 AM          Charles Tahan (LPS)

9:45 AM          Alex Gaeta (Columbia)

10:30 AM        Coffee Break

10:45 AM        Giuseppe Carleo (Flatiron Institute)

11:30 AM        Waseem Bakr (Princeton)

12:15 PM        Lunch and Demo Fair

1:15 PM          Eden Figueroa (Stony Brook)

2:00 PM          Tanya Zelevinsky (Columbia)

2:45 PM          Coffee Break

3:00 PM          Sebastian Will (Columbia)

3:20 PM          Javad Shabani (NYU)

3:45 PM          Michael Devoret (Yale)

Day 2 (Friday, April 19)​

9:00 AM          Dirk Englund (MIT)


9:45 AM          Coffee Break

10:00 AM        Nicholas Bronn (IBM Q)

10:40 AM        Thomas Alexander (IBM Q)

11:20 AM        QuTools Demo (Quantum Design)

Note! Lunch and All Afternoon Events

Held in Theory Center (8th Floor Pupin)

11:30 AM        Lunch and Demo Fair

12:45 PM        Jennifer Cano (Stony Brook)

1:30 PM          Aditi Mitra (NYU)

2:15 PM          Misha Lukin (Harvard)

3:00 PM          Coffee Break

3:30 PM          Panel Discussion

                       Future of Quantum Technology

                          - Jerry Chow (IBM Q)
                          - Misha Lukin (Harvard)
                          - Tom Marshall (Bloomberg)
                          - John Prisco (Quantum Xchange)

                          - Charles Tahan (LPS)
                          Hosted by Sebastian Will (Columbia)



Davis Auditorium

Room 412 (4th floor), CEPSR Building

530 West 120th Street

Davis Auditorium is located in the Schapiro CEPSR building, on the 4th floor (campus level).

Entering From Campus:

From the campus entrance, walk in along College Walk, head north up the steps, go around Low Library and to the back of Uris Hall (the Business School).

Entering From 120th Street:

Entering the building from 120th Street, you will come through a set of iron gates. You can access the stairs or the elevator from the lobby.

Public Transportation:

Take the #1 train to 116th Street (Columbia University) station. 


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